What to expect during your treatment with ARESTIN

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ARESTIN (minocycline HCl) Microspheres, 1 mg is applied to infected pockets in the gums after a scaling and root planing (SRP) has been performed. Your dental professional may apply ARESTIN during the same visit as your SRP or during a follow-up visit. Placement of ARESTIN is easy and does not require needles or anesthesia.

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Post-treatment instructions

To help ensure you get the best results possible from your treatment with ARESTIN, follow these instructions:

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    For 1 week after treatment:

    • Do not touch the sites treated with ARESTIN
    • Do not eat hard, crunchy, or sticky foods (eg, carrots, taffy, and gum)
    • Continue brushing regularly

    For 10 days after treatment:

    • Do not use floss, a dental pick, or any other tools to clean between the treated teeth

If you have pain, swelling, or signs of an allergic reaction (itching, swelling, rash, reddening, or difficulty breathing) contact your dental professional right away.

As your gums continue to heal over time, keep up a good oral health routine at home.