Fight BACteria. Choose ARESTIN®.

Tips to help you pay for ARESTIN®

When you're ready for ARESTIN® treatment, one of the first steps is to find out your payment options and whether ARESTIN® may be covered by insurance. Ask the staff at your dental office to help determine if your dental or medical insurance prescription plan provides coverage for ARESTIN®.

For patients with medical insurance coverage

If you have prescription coverage through your medical insurance, you may be able to receive ARESTIN® through ARESTIN® Rx Access. Below is how it works:

  1. Your dental office will submit a prescription to be filled.
  2. You'll receive a phone call from a reimbursement counselor about your coverage of ARESTIN® and the amount of your co-pay, if any.
  3. You'll need to pay your co-pay at this time.
  4. Once your co-pay is paid, your ARESTIN® will be shipped to your dental office for your next visit.
  5. For more information, call 1-855-684-7481.

ARESTIN® Rx Access may help reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

For patients with dental coverage

If you have dental insurance coverage, ARESTIN® treatment may be covered. Please ask your dental office or dental insurance provider.

For patients without insurance coverage

If you don't have dental or medical insurance coverage, speak with your dental professional about payment options for your periodontal treatment.

How much does ARESTIN® cost?
The cost of ARESTIN® varies depending on how much treatment you need. After your dental professional has evaluated your oral health and discussed treatment options, he or she can provide you with an estimate of the cost. Keep in mind that treating periodontal (gum) disease today is less costly and better for your health than waiting to treat symptoms at a more advanced stage.
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